Concentro S 507

The Concentro S Floorstanding Speaker

Concentro is synonymous with the ultimate in workmanship, design, and sound. The Concentro S 507 retains all the features and benefits of the larger Concentro loudspeakers but creates its own unique visual impact.

Its exterior is a perfect symbiosis of the extravagant design of the Concentro and the clean lines of the VELA Series. The trapezoid basic shape, wraparound baffle, and gently angled cabinet combine to convey a natural, low-key appearance. The striking bottom assembly achieves a ‘high-heel’ effect, imparting a sense of elegance and stability. Incidentally, it also guarantees an exceptionally sound footing.

The innovative step X-JET features a concentric chassis built around a new JET 5c tweeter and a midrange driver with an aluminum membrane. The patented technology uses exchangeable DCRs (Directivity Control Ring) to tailor the directional characteristics in the mid-frequency range to conditions in the listening area. The different DCRs (three aluminum DCRs are included as standard) are used to influence the relationship between direct and diffuse sound in the listening area. Four powerful side-firing long-throw woofers ensure effortless performance. The special ICD configuration (Impluse Compensated Design) guarantees contoured bass reproduction free of any coloration due to unwanted mechanical vibrations. Put simply, the Concentro S 507 will satisfy the most discerning listeners by reproducing audio signals to perfection across the entire frequency spectrum and at all volumes.



型式 4 音路低音反射式
低音單元 4 x 150 mm AS Cone
中低音單元 180 mm AS-XR Cone
中音單元 1 x 50 / 130 mm AL Cone
高音單元 JET 5c
一般 / 峰值功率 240 W / 300 W
建議擴大機功率 60 – 500 W
分頻點 120 / 400 / 2,600 Hz
一般阻抗 4 Ω
靈敏度 88 dB
頻率響應 24 – 50,000 Hz
外部尺寸(H×W×D) 1220 x 270 x 380 mm
重量 37 kg

▶ 原廠型錄 Brochure Concentro S 507 (PDF)