EAR Phonobox

The EAR Yoshino Phonobox allows you to hear UK built, vacuum tube design, phono stage sound quality, at its affordable best. Craftily simple to use and install. Beautiful valve sweetness coupled with transistor-like pace and detail

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使用真空管:3 x 13D16
輸入端子:1 組 RCA(MM 與 MC 可切換)
輸出端子:1 組 RCA(5 V into 600 Ohms)
MM 輸入靈敏度:1 V @ 1 kHz (53 dB) 時為 2.2 mV
MC 輸入靈敏度:1 V @ 1 kHz (73 dB) 時為 0.2 mV
消耗功率:20 W
尺寸(長x寬x高):320 mm x 180 mm x 65 mm
重量:3.5 kg(黑色);4.0 kg(鍍鉻)